Cashier Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Cashier?

Cashier in Tulsa:
"It's stressful."
Pros: Talking to people.
Cons: Rude people.

Cashier in Eagan:
"It's great helping people find what they need."
Pros: Helping them find what they need or just cashing them out to help them get out on their way talking to them and getting them to come back hopefully.
Cons: When you do everything you can and tell them what your manage will only end up telling them the same thing and they give me attitude and some times the same with the manger sometimes they are nicer to the manager even though I say everything nicely with out tension yet I'm still the one that they give attitude.

Cashier in Knoxville:
"Cashier Aramark convenience."
Pros: I like the fact that it's close to campus and the schedule is flexible.
Cons: I dislike the lack of parking. The organization of pay from newer To older employees. The management system.

Cashier in Homestead:
Pros: People and the atmosphere.very friendly.
Cons: I do not like co workers bossing me around.

Cashier in Channelview:
Pros: I like that its calm, I also like it when it gets full, I like to be doing something not just be there standing doing nothing at all.
Cons: What I don't like is that its a little pay.

Cashier in North Manchester:
"I like meeting customers."
Pros: Meeting customers and working with other employees.
Cons: I wish I got paid more. I also wish others worked harder.

Cashier in Windham:
"Stressful work envoirment."
Pros: The people I work with are nice to me.
Cons: The people I serve are very rude to me.