Cashier Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Cashier?

Cashier in Dunnellon:
"Like people."
You better like working with the public, get use to being screamed at, called names and also hit on, degraded and yes then you have the nice ones.That also helps you to stay. Hard work, heavy lifting, bending, standing. Think about what you could do with your life beside being a cashier. Oh yea you might get a bonus , but don't count on it, because we don't always get one. Most are only hiring part time so no health, or other coverage. Some might offer 10% discount, but not on food or clearance depending on where you work. Don't always count on a manager saying thank you your doing a great job. Hope some places do, most done.Stress well all I can say is look out..

Cashier in Atlanta:
"Highly Stressful."
Pros: The work flexibility.
Cons: Poor management, a very high stress level and pay need to be investigated.

Cashier in Rochester:
Pros: I don't actually like my job, but I can say that I do whatever I can to make sure my job is done every day.
Cons: There's not enough work to do at a gas station.

Cashier in Columbus:
Pros: Close to home. Friendly staff.
Cons: Working weekends.

Cashier in Sugar Grove:
Pros: Good people to work with. Well ran.
Cons: Sometimes unclean. Pay is less than I want.

Cashier in Washington:
Pros: Interacting with other employees and customers.
Cons: Not enough hours.

Cashier in San Pablo:
"Learn to communicate to costumer."
Pros: I know how to use a computer, how to be patient to costumers , being friendly with costumers.
Cons: Sometimes the costumers get some item then said I dont want this ...