Customer Service Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Associate?

Customer Service Associate in Tucson, Arizona:
Pros: The atmosphere is great
Cons: The city

Customer Service Associate:
Its a great culture. The cost of health benefits has gone up but its still not too bad. The free food and 24 coffee are great. They employees are helpfull. The pay is reasonable but not great for low level employees. In Nashville starting pay is $15.20/hour...good but not great considering the rising cost of living. I feel like the company could help lower level employees cover basically housing expenses. A lot of employees move here from different parts of the country without a lot of support regarding housing.

Customer Service Associate in Waynesville, North Carolina:
Pros: The customers
Cons: The traffic

Customer Service Associate in Greenwood, Delaware:
Pros: Quiet
Cons: Everyone knows you

Customer Service Associate in Clifton Park, New York:
Pros: accessibility to the area
Cons: travel time

Customer Service Associate in Wayzata:
"Wayzata is a wonderful place ro work."
Pros: Nice atmosphere, successful people.
Cons: A bit far from home.

Customer Service Associate in Los Angeles:
"Crazy, over populated, crowded."
Pros: Meeting a lot of people.
Cons: A lot of rude people.