Customer Service Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Associate?

Customer Service Associate in Denver:
Pros: The pay.
Cons: The traffic and stuck up people.

Customer Service Associate in Conroe:
"Love it."
Pros: Meeting new people, communication with customer.
Cons: Standing up for a long period of time.

Customer Service Associate in Broken Arrow:
"Working as a CSA in Lowe's."
Pros: Job pays a decent wage compared to other entry level retail and restaurant jobs.
Cons: Hours are whenever management wants you to be. It takes a while for you to have any say in the company.

Customer Service Associate in Mansfield:
"Mostly management positions."
Pros: Small store. Great vacation, good profit sharing.
Cons: Small city and not much room to grow.

Customer Service Associate in Savannah:
Pros: I loved the people great pay for retail.
Cons: Scheduling is crazy.Just too much.

Customer Service Associate in Midland:
Pros: Customers/face paced.
Cons: Irrate customers.

Customer Service Associate in Albuquerque:
"It pays the bills."
Pros: I'm a born and raised New Mexican and proud of it. The choice to work in Albuquerque is equal parts convenience and the nessesity to have a job. I am ok with working hard for anyone that is will pay me what the work is worth.
Cons: Crime is definitely a detractor. I've worked two jobs here in my 23 years of existence, and both have had situations where I was forced to call the police.