Customer Service Team Leader Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Customer Service Team Leader?

Customer Service Team Leader in Philadelphia:
"It pays the bills in a comfortable setting."
Pros: Love the city.
Cons: Commute time.

Customer Service Team Leader in Gibsonton:
Pros: The customer all different type of people you meet.
Cons: Seeing all the homeless people that need help and a lot of young people with drug problems.

Customer Service Team Leader in Frisco:
"Frisco worker."
Pros: Frisco is a great community to work in. There are lots of great people in the community who are very friendly and helpful. Co workers make the job enjoyable, you meet lots of great new faces, and there's never a dull moment on the job.
Cons: The management at my job is terrible and has caused many people to quit their job. As desperately as I'd like to stay because of how great my co workers are the management team makes it very difficult to stay. I always have one foot out the door just like everyone else.

Customer Service Team Leader in Reno:
"Working outside the box."
Make sure to understand the full details of what is expected of you.

Customer Service Team Leader in San Antonio:
"Hectic but fun when you...."
Pros: The fountain of resources made available to do our jobs. Great employees, good interdepartmental communications, open door policy,
Cons: The usual stuff, crazy/bad attitudes of some reps/customers. Plethora of systems problems, lack of flexibility outside of the required stuff. Repetativeness in what should be a less predictable environment.

Customer Service Team Leader in Sacramento:
"The. Lack of support from upper leadership for work life bal."
Developers relationships first.

Customer Service Team Leader in Fayetteville:
"Positive Reinforcement."
Always remember to be a good listener as well as a leader. Must remain positive and focused at all times to ensure success.