Field Service Technician Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Field Service Technician?

Field Service Technician in Norwalk:
"More hours."
Don't quite and keep learning. And don't be scared.

Field Service Technician in Auburn:
"Below my education."
Pros: The people I work with are great be work with.
Cons: On call, overtime, schedule.

Field Service Technician in Charlotte:
"Top salary."
Find something else. Not enough pay in sign industry, too much travel, always crazy timelines and expectations. ,

Field Service Technician in Ohio:
"Personal Branding."
Do your work well enough that you stand out. Get the customer to remember you by name and start asking for you specifically by name. Don't be a generic, interchangeable technician. I don't want to be a commodity of the company. I want to be TNT (Top Notch Technician). That's when my career really took off, when I figured that out.

Field Service Technician in North Little Rock:
"Enjoy the work."
Pros: The work is enjoyable. Using my skills and meeting new people.
Cons: The pay and employees who do not want to learn.

Field Service Technician in Sacramento:
Pros: I like having the ability to to resolve a problem completely. 95 percent of the time there is no need for anyone else to help me. Occasionally you need help with network issues.
Cons: Local management seems to have no idea what goes in to a day at work. It's sad because many of the managers were techs once. Now they try and act like a they've joined a club you are not allowed to be part of.

Field Service Technician in Pittsburgh:
"Field Service Techician."
Pros: Steady job.
Cons: Drive time, low pay, to much extra work.