Field Service Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Field Service Technician?

Field Service Technician in Fort Lauderdale:
"Good benefits and room for advancement."
Pros: Trained to perform tasks of job title and a lot of options for advancement in company along with excellent help in further education. Professional goal set standards.
Cons: Job should be solely based off figurative numbers and productivity and less in hands of initial managers. In a professional environment no biased should be based upon any favoritism or of opinion of one person but of efficiency and quality of job task performed and drive of employee.

Field Service Technician in Laurel:
Find out all you can on the company you want to work for , including benefits, Salaries ranges , legal issues, and turnover rates.

Field Service Technician in Pullman:
Find somewhere else with better pay.

Field Service Technician in Harrisburg:
Get all the training as possible.

Field Service Technician in Houston:
Train on as much equipment as possible! You never know what people are going to throw in front of you and you will have to instantly become the subject matter expert. It will help if you've seen something similar. Just get your hands on every type of equipment that you can imagine.

Field Service Technician in Chicago:
"Lost experience."
Pros: Benefits were good while working at at&t.
Cons: Too demanding of a job; employees over 23 years of age. Being forced to work 6 days a week 12 plus hours.

Field Service Technician in Charlotte:
"Very Stable job."
Pros: A very stagle paycheck to support my family.
Cons: The company has eliminated raises, promotions, and bonuses. I , nor anyone else in the field has received a raise or promotion in almost 5 years. The level of micro managing that has been taking place the last year is beyond cost effective. Programs put into play in the last year is useless and is not beneficial to the company. In someways the "cost saving" measures are costing the company money.