Field Service Technician Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Field Service Technician?

Field Service Technician in San Francisco:
"Roadside service rules."
Be prompt, energetic, polite.Have A clean appearance, Wear proper clothing.

Field Service Technician in Canton:
Be open minded, expect other techs to be critical of your work, so be able to take critisism. TRY something to fix problem, make an attempt to fix. That all the bosses wants, cant break whats already broken. Manuals are a tool, not a sign of your lack of knowledge, so dont be afraid to get one out read in front of people. This is a wide open field and we as techs are required to fix many systems/applications so dont expect to know it all, it changes all the time.

Field Service Technician in Austin:
Always look professional and do the right thing.

Field Service Technician in Canton:
"Better pay per hour."
Be ready to travel all week every week.

Field Service Technician in Pensacola:
"Learn on the go."
Getting hands on training ASAP. Start doing calls solo. Get real world experience.

Field Service Technician in Bridgewater:
"Don't be surprised."
Unfortunately like with any company in this day and age, the keyword is profit. Most companies you work for are concerned with only one thing, how can they make more money, and what corners can they cut to do that. The employee ends up bearing the brunt of that decision. Don't be surprised if you are not rewarded for hard work, dedication, loyalty, and resilience. Don't expect to make a fair salary, or possibly negotiate a fair salary based on the work you do. Most companies go by your role, not by the work you put in, or they days you spend killing yourself to get the job done, not based on the cost of living in the area or city/state you work in, not by the basic logic needed when wondering how one can take care of a family based on the income you are offered, or the years of experience you bring to the table, or merit based. It is all about the role you play, end of story, and you cannot negotiate that.

Field Service Technician in Sheboygan:
"Field service technician."
Pros: I like working independently. I enjoy my day to day being different everyday.
Cons: I feel like I am underpaid for what I have to do.