Human Resources (HR) Generalist Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Human Resources (HR) Generalist?

Human Resources (HR) Generalist in Los Angeles:
"PHR needed and Spanish."
Get PHR certified and learn Spanish.

Human Resources (HR) Generalist in Houston:
"HR Gen."
Pros: I like working in human resources and improving processes.
Cons: I like everything, no complaints.

Human Resources (HR) Generalist in Anchorage:
"You don't choose HR, HR chooses you."
You have a lot of influence but not a lot of authority. The hardest part is wanting people to succeed but not being able to save them from themselves. When it's good, it's so good. The ability to help staff and management is empowering. You feel like you make a difference every day, but you have to be strategic when you plan. You need to have lots of small wins before being able to get a big win. Knowing when to plan your actions and being able to wait for that optimal time will pay off in the long run.

Human Resources (HR) Generalist in Bend:
Pros: I work for a great company who cares about their employees, I have a flexible schedule.
Cons: Heavy workload.

Human Resources (HR) Generalist in Lakeland:
Obtain HR Certifications and maintain certifications.

Human Resources (HR) Generalist in Asheville:
"Pick your management team carefully."
Frustration is defined as finding and offering a solution to a problem, and having it fall on deaf ears while being minimized.

Human Resources (HR) Generalist in Owings Mills:
"People Management."
Pros: Working with the executive team to create and implement new benefits and policies. Training facilitation. Organizational development. Full-cycle recruitment.
Cons: Management tends to second guess the guidance of their HR professional. Firing people for performance and behavior related issues.