Human Resources (HR) Generalist Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Human Resources (HR) Generalist?

Human Resources (HR) Generalist in Bangalore:
"We can learn new thinks when we face difficulties in this hr."
Pros: Feeling good when I am administrating all the employees together in a office and good fell when I complete my tasks that to like facing the difficulties with different situations and individuals ideas with successful plans great to feel the work nature and my designation.
Cons: I feel bad when my plan becomes failure with small small difficulties.

Human Resources (HR) Generalist in Raleigh:
Pros: Taking care of people and making them feel appreciated.
Cons: Working with systems I have to train myself on.

Human Resources (HR) Generalist in Austin:
Pros: The culture of my organization.
Cons: The pay.

Human Resources (HR) Generalist in Novi:
"Working for the Employees."
Pros: I like being here for the employees, getting answers, resolving issues, providing them with the best representation of the company that I can possibly give.
Cons: The company is known for not always being generous with employee benefits and compensation. For instance, they have a Tuition Reimbursement program but is mostly in name only. It takes effort to be approved for it. Also the company pays for coffee but employees pay for sugar and cream. Employees have left due to feeling being underpaid as well as having managment that doesn't listen to them or welcome advice on how to make things work better.

Human Resources (HR) Generalist in Miami:
"Growth potential."
Pros: Flexibility, able to make my own decisions, work closely with management and executives to make the goals of the company as well as provide job satisfaction to employees.
Cons: High expectations from employees with a sense of entitlement, not enough leeway with important decisions that I feel would benefit the company as well as employees, limited responsibilities when it comes to strategic developments.

Human Resources (HR) Generalist in Muskegon:
"Being pulled in 500 directions every minute very stressful."
Pros: The relationship I develop with my employees.
Cons: I'm expected to do 500 things at once and work 60 hours a week and still am not caught up enough.

Human Resources (HR) Generalist in Dayton:
"Rewarding and Challenging."
Pros: Helping hiring managers resolve problems.
Cons: Lack of business processes.