Human Resources (HR) Manager Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Human Resources (HR) Manager?

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Shreveport:
Get as much education in the particular field of HR as you can. Even though laws and regulations are constantly changing, the basics of an HR background studied in an education institution can only help.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Garden Grove:
"Workers Comp. Insurance."
Keep going to school.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Washington:
"Get a Masters."
A Higher education degree has been tremendously helpful in my career.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Ellicott City:
Pros: The thing I like the most about being in the military is the ability to travel. Also, the structured developmental programs has allowed me to expand in my career path and become a leader.
Cons: As with many other companies we are doing more with less. Meaning most offices are overworked. There used to be a time where one only had to focus on one maybe two programs, now one be a jack of all trades. Mastering none!

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Houston:
"Work Vs Reward."
Pros: Family owned - Close to home.
Cons: One (of me) VS 300 Employees and all HR related functions (less payroll)

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Allentown:
"Sound Knowledge Of General Business Operations."
A sound knowledge of general business operations is the key to successful HR management.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Indianapolis:
Always support management, right or wrong.