Human Resources (HR) Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Human Resources (HR) Manager?

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Fort Lauderdale:
Cons: My boss can be rude the way he speaks to me.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Tallahassee:
"Be invested in your employees' success and development."
Pros: I like most the flexibility and support of upper management. They allow me and my team to push the edge while providing the support and empowerment to design new approaches to solve problems. In addition they often sponsor personal development opportunities which they know will benefit the group and organization overall.
Cons: What I like least are hurdles to promoting employees. Sometimes it is challenging to demonstrate to people the value they bring to the team and the opportunities they need to take advantage of in order to get the proper exposure.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Salt Lake City:
Pros: Helping people grow.
Cons: Firing, even the bad ones.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in San Jose:
Pros: Performance management, employee engagement, flexibility, constantly learning from experience.
Cons: Nothing.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Hopkins:
"Human Resources is my zeal, devotion, and future."
Pros: I like many things about the Human Resources function but my favorite is implementing policies and processes that enhance human capital.
Cons: I dislike when it when employee relations issues are slow in resolve.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Charlotte:
"Great career."
Pros: Managing people, new challenge every day.
Cons: The exact same as above, not viewed as essential.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in St. Helens:
Pros: Conflict Resolution for Personnel job satisfaction.
Cons: Management style.