Human Resources (HR) Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Human Resources (HR) Manager?

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Allison:
"Always changing world of hr."
Pros: The interaction with employee.
Cons: Can be extremely stressful.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Houston:
Pros: I like that I get to help take care of the mentally ill.
Cons: I get treated as if my age is a disabler.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Houston:
"Work Vs Reward."
Pros: Family owned - Close to home.
Cons: One (of me) VS 300 Employees and all HR related functions (less payroll)

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Cincinnati:
Pros: People, making the company money.
Cons: Chaos, disorder, unfair treatment.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Philadelphia:
"Process Management."
Pros: HR administration is boring. The fun really starts when you get to be analytic and strategic: influencing policy, pulling useful knowledge out of raw data, working with all departments, working with supervisors to maximize the potential of their direct reports.
Cons: It is easy to become the office help desk if you don't set firm boundaries and define your role.

Human Resources (HR) Manager in Columbia:
"My Job Today."
Pros: Multiple challenges and relaxed office conditions and flexible work schedule.
Cons: Not having enough education to feel confident in all areas.