Maintenance Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Maintenance Technician?

Maintenance Technician in Lake Charles:
"Experiences with company dependent upon direct local managem."
Pros: Low micromanagement, different tasks daily, makes ppl happy when you improve their living conditions.
Cons: Racial discrimination against blacks and Mexicans. Job perks not offered across the board.

Maintenance Technician in San Diego:
"Industrial Maintenance."
Pros: The satisfaction of fixing things that are broken.
Cons: Typically management tends to get in the way. Wanting quick fixes for problems.

Maintenance Technician in Grove:
"Trouble shooting."
Pros: The challenge and variety in work to be done.
Cons: Nothing bad but it is hard dirty work.

Maintenance Technician in Hopkinsville:
"Dirty, hot, long hours sometimes."
Pros: Always something different to do.
Cons: Under compensated.

Maintenance Technician in Pleasant Prairie:
"Maintenance Coordinator."
Pros: Diversity of tasks.
Cons: Low pay.

Maintenance Technician in Middlesex:
Pros: Always learning something new.
Cons: Lots of stress.

Maintenance Technician in Chicago:
Pros: Constantly changing atmosphere.
Cons: Leadership.