Maintenance Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Maintenance Technician?

Maintenance Technician in Buffalo:
"In the middle."
Pros: The hours.
Cons: Raises are bad.

Maintenance Technician in Hammond:
"It's okay."
Pros: My hours are phenomenal and I do have a variety of things to do from day to day. I've had a great chance to learn and hone new skills with this job.
Cons: Sometimes when the special projects run out it's get extremely monotonous. People who don't understand anything about your job want to know why it takes so long to do your job. Management is kind of a joke and you have to learn rapid independence.

Maintenance Technician in Lake Charles:
"Experiences with company dependent upon direct local managem."
Pros: Low micromanagement, different tasks daily, makes ppl happy when you improve their living conditions.
Cons: Racial discrimination against blacks and Mexicans. Job perks not offered across the board.

Maintenance Technician in San Diego:
"Industrial Maintenance."
Pros: The satisfaction of fixing things that are broken.
Cons: Typically management tends to get in the way. Wanting quick fixes for problems.

Maintenance Technician in Grove:
"Trouble shooting."
Pros: The challenge and variety in work to be done.
Cons: Nothing bad but it is hard dirty work.

Maintenance Technician in Hopkinsville:
"Dirty, hot, long hours sometimes."
Pros: Always something different to do.
Cons: Under compensated.

Maintenance Technician in Pleasant Prairie:
"Maintenance Coordinator."
Pros: Diversity of tasks.
Cons: Low pay.