Maintenance Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Maintenance Technician?

Maintenance Technician in Middlesex:
Pros: Always learning something new.
Cons: Lots of stress.

Maintenance Technician in Chicago:
Pros: Constantly changing atmosphere.
Cons: Leadership.

Maintenance Technician in Daphne:
"It's balls."
Pros: Security, l work at least 40 hours a week and I've become somewhat indispensable.
Cons: The high expectations, the low compensation.

Maintenance Technician in Victorville:
"Utility Technician."
Pros: Easy tasks. I know how to do at work, but gets boring.
Cons: I get bored doing the same tasks everyday most of the week.

Maintenance Technician in Macon:
"I love what I do."
Pros: You can switch from electrical work to mechanical very fast. I have skills I didn't know I had.
Cons: Comunicating with various type of people make My job hard sometimes.

Maintenance Technician in Pittsburgh:
"The rest of my life."
Pros: The coworkers, pay,
Cons: On call 24/7/365. Management.

Maintenance Technician in King of Prussia:
Pros: Cleaner than steelworker, certainly.
Cons: Unrewarding salary, considering the workload.