Maintenance Technician Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Maintenance Technician?

Maintenance Technician in St. Louis:
"Worst of the best."
Pros: Pretty flexible schedule. If I need to change my schedule or hours for a day or week they are pretty flexible about that.
Cons: Factory is always hot. I can never do a good enough job. There is no positive reinforcement. If you work hard and beat the original goal the only response given by management is why didn't you get more done?

Maintenance Technician in Sheffield:
"Don't work in maintenance."
Get a degree in a four year university.

Maintenance Technician in Lawton:
"Technical skills."
To take online courses in electrical and electronics. Co tech classes as well are very helpful.

Maintenance Technician in Conroe:
Pros: Good structure, positive attitude, goo training.
Cons: Not enough money, limited job advancement opportunities.

Maintenance Technician in Greenville:
"Like my job.."
Pros: I like that every day brings something new. One day I am working on refrigerators and the next I may be getting an apartment ready for a new move in.
Cons: Being on call a couple times a month, limits the activities you can do outside of work.

Maintenance Technician in Forest:
Pros: Overtime.
Cons: Pay rate and ways of pay increase.

Maintenance Technician in Orlando:
"The job is great! Get to meet a lot of people."
Pros: Vacation is the best time for me.
Cons: They way this place is ran, starting from the people from top, mangers!!!