Marketing Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Coordinator?

Marketing Coordinator in Chicago:
"Pretty simple - not challenging enough."

Marketing Coordinator in Southfield:
Pros: Variation in day to day work, steady work flow, graphic design projects, vendor management, project management, work atmosphere, office space, coworkers,
Cons: Management, disorganization, corporate culture, micro management, condescending treatment.

Marketing Coordinator in Elizabethtown:
Pros: Event planning, marketing communication both internally and externally.
Cons: Micro-management, lack of training, no one knows job.

Marketing Coordinator in The Woodlands:
"How to negotiate a salary and what was fair."

Marketing Coordinator in Elkton:
Pros: I enjoy speaking to people about our services, planning events.
Cons: Solving problesm.

Marketing Coordinator in Detroit:
"Market for your Company."
Make sure that you realize that every project is different!

Marketing Coordinator in Atlanta:
"Marketing for a medical practice."
Pros: The chance to learn so many new things and work in an exciting field.