Marketing Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Coordinator?

Marketing Coordinator in Las Vegas:
"Great team who moves at a fast pace."
Pros: The People.
Cons: Taking people's money.

Marketing Coordinator in Phoenix:
Pros: Paid time off, insurance, sales incentives.
Cons: Am not recognized or rewarded for major accomplishments.

Marketing Coordinator in Atlanta:
"Marketing/ Graphic Design."
Pros: Design Projects, corporate office is laid back, private office.
Cons: No clear deadlines, no real feedback, a lot of last minute projects, people can be indecisive a lot of the time.

Marketing Coordinator in Bellingham:
"Performed web-based marketing."
Pros: The challenges and can restive flexibility to be ale imitative and grow channels as I see fit!
Cons: Employees are undervalued and underpaid.

Marketing Coordinator in Bainbridge Island:
"High stress, great reward, great manager, tradeshows."
Pros: I love that my manager is very hands-off, lets me work on my own. I like events in general, the detail work, working with multiple people internally and externally. Deadlines drive my work, keeps me organized and on task. I also get to work in other areas of marketing like print advertising, corporate events, collateral management, and get to attend and participate in events like the US Open, tradeshows, and user groups.
Cons: I am always stressed and overwhelmed. I have many different hats as a coordinator.

Marketing Coordinator in Plains:
Pros: Developing relationships, designing marketing material, obtaining new patients and retaining existing patients, public relations, social media marketing.
Cons: Trying to come up with new promotional offers on a consistent basis. This is a bit difficult in the dental industry.

Marketing Coordinator in Seattle:
"Sacrifice pay for your Passion."
This is a great position to learn about the industry and share your passion with your core audience. Be wary of finding a good work/life balance.