Marketing Director Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Director?

Marketing Director in Seattle:
"Delegate, delegate, delegate."
I was always a highly productive individual contributor, so my biggest challenge with becoming a marketing director and managing a team was learning how to effectively delegate - both to provide a fulfilling work experience for my team members, but also to plain old get the work done. My instinct was to want to do the work myself...but no one wins in that scenario. It took some time - and open communication with my team members - to learn how to effectively delegate and become a manager of people rather than a marketing manager.

Marketing Director in Jamestown:
"Things I have learned in 10 years."
Make friends with everyone. You cannot cooperate too much. Collaboration is key. Learn all you can about social media. Your reputation is the hardest thing to obtain but you will be rewarded many times over with new patients. Give everyone the best possible experience. Thank them for choosing you! Review your processes regularly. Take the time to understand if it could be better and then change those things understanding that change is not easy for most. Be patient. What you put out is what you will get back so do your best work always.

Marketing Director in Branson:
"Integrating into a local community."
I would share my knowledge about the best way to integrate yourself into a new community and make an impression when opening a new business or starting a new creative marketing venture. Joining local business support organizations, arts councils, bank clubs and of course the area CVB keeps you at the front of the line and makes it easy to develop business partnerships.

Marketing Director in Los Angeles:
"I would do more IT than marketing."
If you company is too small to afford a true IT department, odds are, you are going to be responsible for it.

Marketing Director in Charlotte:
"Hard work, dedication and adding value only gets you so far."
Manage your career like it's your job. Hard work, dedication and adding value is table stakes. Don't expect that to get you past a certain point. At a point it switches to politics and picking the right house.

Marketing Director in Indianapolis:
"Multi-Corporation Marketing Manager."
Pros: Large variety of responsibilities that change tasks daily. Fun coworkers. Some travel.
Cons: Low pay. Minimal vacation time. High stress. Lots of red tape.

Marketing Director in Grand Rapids:
"Corporate Culture."
Pros: Our leadership listens, is understanding, and has made several "upgrades" to how we work, including more paid time off, flexible schedules, and fun employee activities.
Cons: There are certain colleagues that are over-paid and under-performing!