Marketing Director Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Director?

Marketing Director in New York:
"Owner changes management frequently."

Marketing Director in New York:
Make friends with everyone.

Marketing Director in Conshohocken:
"Small businesses have unique pro/con(s) than big businesses."
Pro - Your role has a big impact on the business. Con - Everyone looks to when events or branding activities fail to bring in the desired result. Pro - You get to help set the tone of the business. Con - It's a small business so everyone really gets a bit of a say. Pro - working with the ownership to grow the business. Con - unless the business is growing your not really going to grow more financially.

Marketing Director in Slippery Rock:
"Mixed review."
Pros: Meeting and connecting with diverse people and telling their impact stories.
Cons: Stress, too much work and no help, little pay.

Marketing Director in Santa Ana:
"Marketing Director of a Startup."
Pros: It has a startup vibe.
Cons: Overworked.

Marketing Director in Boise:
"Requires broad experience, self starter, fast worker."
Broad experience is important for small business, whereas large corporations require more depth in positions. Flexibility, ability to think on your feet and be a self starter is important for all positions.

Marketing Director in Raleigh:
"How to negotiate for a better package."
Don't take the first offer. Go with your gut, pad it to allow for wiggle room (don't go crazy on the padding) and then stick to your guns.