Marketing Director Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Director?

Marketing Director in Hammond:
"Manage up, down and all around."
Working with a large team, it is important to manage up, down, across and all around. Learn how to work with and around all personality types and still be successful.

Marketing Director in Ames:
"Many hats."
Although my degree is a fine arts degree I have had an interest in the marketing and advertisement industry and have really grown in that area. I think with my knowledge and skill level fro graphic design, Interior Design and Marketing I have found that the housing industry is a great place I can use all my skills effectively.

Marketing Director in Chattanooga:
"Overall Great Job."
Pros: I get to be creative and take the lead on major projects.
Cons: I have to be extremely detail oriented and do not have anyone working under me to catch monotonous work.

Marketing Director in Las Vegas:
"Excellent Marketing Director."
Pros: I get to work my dream job.
Cons: Too many people working in the marketing team with so many different ideas.

Marketing Director in Denver:
Pros: The experience and contacts it is giving me.
Cons: The hours and inflexibility in those hours.

Marketing Director in Cincinnati:
"High intensity, rewarding career."
I would advise a new Marketing Director to make sure they surround themselves with good people. Train them to be independent and come to you to talk things through, but being able to work on their own and think about the big picture is extremely important. Also, making sure that your team and department have good processes to ensure consistency and to not have to reinvent the wheel every time will save you many headaches in the long run. I would also recommend that you lead a culture of continuous improvement. Be open to suggestions, always seeking a better way to do something will help drive waste out of your process. Find a tool to track your projects and deliver on time to your organization. This is critical to running a well-oiled marketing machine.

Marketing Director in Baltimore:
"Many stakeholders."
Since we work with numerous retailers/tenants, there are many stakeholders to be held accountable to and many varying opinions about the direction of the marketing program here at Harbor East. It's of course important to consider their input, but inevitably the Marketing Director must make the final decision as it relates to advertising, events, branding, and what will best serve the property.