Marketing Director Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Director?

Marketing Director in Albert Lea:
"Using my creative talents and work flexibility."
Pros: I love being creative and using my talents to creative current promotions and advertisements. Having the work flexibility is huge with a growing family. I like being able to train and manage others. Being able to travel to learn more about my position has also been a nice perk of the job.
Cons: I feel I'm valued more than what I'm currently making. Commuting has begun to take a toll. I wish their was more noticeable bonuses for my position.

Marketing Director in Oklahoma City:
"Excellence in OKC."
Pros: Imparting information that is uplifting and informational in a Christian environment.
Cons: Not knowing if this is where I'm supposed to be.

Marketing Director in Dallas:
"2nd Best City in Texas."
Pros: Places to eat, things to do, lots of diversity.
Cons: Hot weather, unpredictable weather, traffic can be a bear.

Marketing Director in Miami:
"Educating the client."
Pros: The must important thing is doing what I love to do, learn new technologies and apply my experiences to every day challenges.
Cons: Educating the clients is a challenge, they completely ignore what it takes to create something new that is going to work for their company, they don't take in consideration the research, the competition, new technologies, and many other factors especially the time that takes to do all this, so they don't want to pay for the real value of the work.

Marketing Director in Houston:
"Put yourself first."
As you accept the position, negotiate for the new salary then. Also, make sure you understanding your budget and what resources will be supported you.

Marketing Director in Dallas:
"Bad senior management."
Stay away from fossil.

Marketing Director in Chicago:
"Take Tisks."
Focus visible strategic results.