Marketing Director Advice

Q: What is it like working as a Marketing Director?

Marketing Director in Oklahoma City:
"A title doesn't define a role."
Marketing is a very loose term in this field. A lot of the marketing is done at the corporate level and you basically plug and play by creating campaigns adding contacts and executing the campaign after your templates have been approved. You train New Consultants on the current CRM being used as well as making sure they are not only selling but using the CRM accurately. The creative part of this job is done outside of this office for the most part. Flexible hours are great and the pay is pretty good. Benefits are good as well.

Marketing Director in Honolulu:
Pros: weather and the culture
Cons: low pay

Marketing Director in Athens:
"Its a good town. Nice college town. Commute very good."
Pros: Small town feel. College town. Not too much traffic. Close to Atlanta.
Cons: Salaries aren't competitive. Work pool is not very good.

Marketing Director in Sandwich:
"Beautiful environment and storing sense of community."
Pros: Beautiful surroundings, strong arts and culture scene.
Cons: Generally, the low pay on Cape Cod.

Marketing Director in San Diego:
"In it for the weather."
Pros: Nice people, great weather and a lot of opportunity.
Cons: Traffic is getting worse every year.

Marketing Director in Bradenton:
"Living in Bradenton."
Pros: The island life. Low crime. Small town. Not big city traffic. Short drive to work. Flexibility in my schedule. Cost of living is low.
Cons: It is seasonal. It is hot in the summer. Pay scale is low.

Marketing Director in London:
"Office based hours B2B."
Pros: Work from home 1 day a week, no time constraints, interesting.
Cons: Stress of hitting target.