Office Coordinator Advice

Q: What is it like working as an Office Coordinator?

Office Coordinator in Auburn:
"You have to be able to take instructon and criticism."
Don't break down your employees. Constructive criticism is better heard and utilized.

Office Coordinator in Tucson:
Pros: The atmosphere is great and the clients are amazing.
Cons: Lots of boring downtime and it is hard to book with male therapists.

Office Coordinator in Newberry:
"The Management."
Pros: Being in charge is really a big responsibility. It is my goal to be successful. I believe in being a team player. I will preform the same duties as anyone else within my scope of practice. At times it can be stressful and tears of joy when you know that someone has received the care that they needed the most. Love working with the dedicated volunteers (Doctors, Nurses, NPs, etc.)
Cons: When I cannot find a specialist willing to help because a patient doesn't have insurance.

Office Coordinator in Phoenix:
Pros: My boss and the flexibility I have.

Office Coordinator in Berkeley:
"You won't succeed unless you try."
Stay organized and plan ahead. Be prepared for everything and don't expect things to always go as planned. Kindness and integrity go a long way.

Office Coordinator in Solon:
"Fast paced multi tasking."
Pros: Helping people. Keeping the office organized. Having a flexible schedule. No micro managing. Being a valued asset to the company.
Cons: Last minute decisions that make completing tasks more stressful.

Office Coordinator in Kennesaw:
"Beat job ever."
Pros: I love what I do. I get to use my strengths, make a difference, help the entire company directly or indirectly, work closely woth the vp and president, as well as future growth.
Cons: You have to sit a lot behind the desk and answer the phones a lot.