Office Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Coordinator?

Office Coordinator in Pembroke Pines:
Pros: Dealing with people.
Cons: Pay for the many jobs I do.

Office Coordinator in Phoenix:
Pros: Flexibility.
Cons: The amount of stress.

Office Coordinator in Mechanicsburg:
Pros: I enjoy having a job to come to every day.
Cons: Constantly adding more to the work load that cannot be reasonably accomplished in a 50 hour work week.

Office Coordinator in Memphis:
Pros: Good job opportunities.
Cons: No growth in jobs.

Office Coordinator in Cleveland:
"More independent and structured."
Pros: I work independently and have to meet my percentage goals. No one is standing over my shoulder which gives me a greater sense of purpose and freedom. I also have a flexible schedule which helps me prioritize my daily activities so that I complete my tasks in a timely fashion. My current position allows me to take courses that could lead to a higher position and certification. I am striving to become an independent contractor and have the ability to work from home.
Cons: I want to make more money and use the degree that I have to advance my career standing and status within the organization.

Office Coordinator in Jacksonville:
Ask smart questions and do not assume management will continue doing things as they've done the previous year. Strategies change and office coordinator is last to know!

Office Coordinator in Berkeley:
"Mature staff understands."
Hire some one with attention to detail, ownership and enjoys customers.