Office Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Coordinator?

Office Coordinator:
Betts Patterson is an amazing place to work! Managers are all top notch and treat everyone fairly. The pay and benefits are outstanding!! Centrally located in downtown Seattle in Convention Center close to restaurants and shopping. This is the best company I have ever worked for!

Office Coordinator in Fort Yates:
"Keep to myself just do my job."
Pros: Earn money to support family
Cons: Hourly rate and commute

Office Coordinator in Ann Arbor:
"Prime real-estate & the perfect place to raise children."
Pros: The people, the culture
Cons: The people & the weather

Office Coordinator in Seattle:
"Great Place To Work."
Pros: Right in the heart of the city
Cons: Traffic and backup

Office Coordinator in Tucson:
"Tucson is full of opportunities and great organizations."
Pros: Laid back environments, friendly people, diversity in business.

Office Coordinator in Ashland:
"Duties of a Patient Office Coordinator."
Be the best that you can be. Your job is to schedule/cancel, reschedule appointments, check people in and check them out, take co pays, fill out paperwork, help the providers with anything they might need, this also goes for your co-workers, you are a team, there is no I in TEAM.

Office Coordinator in Wilmington:
"Enough public transportation."
Pros: Many businesses
Cons: Too many dirty areas