Office Coordinator Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Coordinator?

Office Coordinator in Ann Arbor, Michigan:
"Prime real-estate & the perfect place to raise children."
Pros: The people, the culture
Cons: The people & the weather

Office Coordinator in Seattle, Washington:
"Great Place To Work."
Pros: Right in the heart of the city
Cons: Traffic and backup

Office Coordinator in Tucson, Arizona:
"Tucson is full of opportunities and great organizations."
Pros: Laid back environments, friendly people, diversity in business.

Office Coordinator in Ashland:
"Duties of a Patient Office Coordinator."
Be the best that you can be. Your job is to schedule/cancel, reschedule appointments, check people in and check them out, take co pays, fill out paperwork, help the providers with anything they might need, this also goes for your co-workers, you are a team, there is no I in TEAM.

Office Coordinator in Wilmington:
"Enough public transportation."
Pros: Many businesses
Cons: Too many dirty areas