Office Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Manager?

Office Manager in Elizabeth:
"Hard Work Yet Rewarding Knowing You've Made A Difference!"
Pros: I enjoy making a difference for the families and directors I serve daily.
Cons: My hard work and dedication is not appreciated.

Office Manager in Berkeley:
Take your time and learn your staff and the responsibilities.

Office Manager in Beaufort:
Help with any assignment requested to show you can and will go outside the box in your job description.

Office Manager in Fernandina Beach:
"Need a job."
Pros: Need a job but paid very poorly and need more.
Cons: The pay is awful and the stress level is very hard to maintain.

Office Manager in Layton:
"The Good And The Bad."
Pros: Flexibility and freedom. I can make changes to protocol and I have authority to make business and financial decisions. My favorite part is the paperwork. I like finding ways to make the practice more money.
Cons: Dealing with insurance companies and my commute is far. I don't feel like my pay is as high as I deserve.

Office Manager in Jamestown:
"Pay Does Not Equal Experience."
With all of the work my job entails, I believe I was not given a fair opening hourly wage for the years of experience I have.

Office Manager in Rochester:
Pros: Contribute to company improving healthcare and reducing hospital costs.
Cons: No client hospitals yet. Management is unorganized, spending unwisely, and pursuing industry partnerships instead of client hospitals.