Office Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Manager?

Office Manager in New York:
Pros: Normal pace environment. Relaxing. Low-medium stress level. Normal patient base. Somewhat flexible schedule.
Cons: Biased employer. Favoritism. Low pay. Exploitation. No benefits. No room for growth and advancement. Dead end career path.

Office Manager in Carson City:
"No equity in salaries between male and females."
Fight for equality in salaries.

Office Manager in Miami:
"Work Summary."
Pros: I like the paid vacation, the opportunity to work with children and the team work that goes in to the daily routine of running a private school.
Cons: No overtime. No benefits. No bonuses. Allowed ONE paid personal day every 3 months. No break room. Poor performance from the owner. Stressful and at times overwhelming environment because of owner.

Office Manager in Memphis:
"Working Summary."
Make sure the Main Ofice is behind you and make sure that they do give raises.

Office Manager in Bushton:
"Total Required For The Job."
Be prepared to spend allot of time at the office especially during the harvest times. Expect to not be able to make all the customers happy but try to get them to laugh.

Office Manager in Columbus:
"Responsibilities and accountibility."
Get in writing what responsibilities and benefits are provided.

Office Manager in Phillipsburg:
Get everything in writing--job duties--and benefits.