Office Manager Reviews

Q: What is it like working as an Office Manager?

Office Manager in Boston:
"People focused office."
Pros: Helping people; selling people products that will help them; billing process, revenue collection.
Cons: Pay and benefits, small team, can only take vacation when boss takes it.

Office Manager in Petoskey:
Pros: Working with phenomenal employees that all have great work ethics and are goal orriented.
Cons: Very stressfull, requires difficult phone calls with customers on a daily basis and retrieval of medical documents can always pose a challenge.

Office Manager in Waltham:
"Small Business Contractor."
Pros: Casual dress, people are fairly decent, my own office, I am helping the company progress, Boss is a good guy,
Cons: Benefits are minimal and very costly. Commute is very long. Lack of teamwork. A lot of baby sitting grown men. I am qualified to be making more money. No 401k, stock option, profit sharing.

Office Manager in San Francisco:
"Office Culture."
Pros: I enjoy the company's standard as a whole. I believe the founders have a strong idea on what type of presence they want to make. I enjoy working for such an innovative firm and look forward to growing with them.
Cons: The formality of having employees has not yet been established. This company used to employee only 1099 employees and has now started to switch over to having W2 employees. As a result there have been a lot of questions about procedures.

Office Manager in Canton:
"I enjoy the work I do."
Pros: Doing payroll; The people I work with; Small business atmosphere.
Cons: I don't like the work hours of 8:00am - 5:00pm, Monday - Friday.

Office Manager in Monsey:
"Great opportunity."
Pros: Always Busy, I enjoy working with tenants and our staff.
Cons: Overwhelming when things get busy.

Office Manager in Denver:
"Office Manager - Denver."
Pros: There is no Micromanagement, all ideas for improvement are considered no matTer what your job title is. The casual dress code. Management is great.
Cons: In my position specifically, there is not really room to grow. I feel that I am not challenged enough even after many attemps requesting more responsibilities.