President Advice

Q: What is it like working as a President?

President in Madison:
Let your senior team evolve.

President in Riverton:
Pros: This area is my Home and I work for my Tribe. We have a lot of outdoor activities like hunting and fishing. My family is close-by.
Cons: Weather at times is extremely hot and cold.

President in Ames:
"Small town feel."
Pros: People are terrific, commute is easy, a great place for kids.
Cons: Really are no downsides to working in Ames.

President in Hayward:
"Get to Know Your Suppliers....."
Get to know very well the companies that supply your organization. Get to know as much as possible. The home life, the corporate culture, the employees that work for the company including the owner and executives.

President in Atlanta:
"Enjoy life family and work."
Be a true and truthworthly leader Be an Influencer Be Tender Be charitable Flexiblecreative and promote innovation and entrepenurshipBe willing to take risk Do not be afraid Get out of your comfot zone.

President in Hartford:
Pros: Leadership. Problem solving. Success.
Cons: Hours. Stress. Frustration. Demanding.

President in Lakewood:
"When put in a position."
When placed in a position of authority in a small family owned business it would be wise to understand how everyone else feels about that. It would also be good to know exactly what everyone's job duties are instead of assuming everyone should know. Actually, after 6 years of being in the position, I would tell everyone that if they are offered a position in a family owned company, just say no.