Sales Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sales Associate?

Sales Associate in Palo Alto:
"Work flexibility,"
Pros: Help people to be happy.
Cons: Salary.

Sales Associate in San Diego:
Pros: Flexibility, no micromanaging.
Cons: Terrible leadership, no training, no feedback.

Sales Associate in Fremont:
"Do what you want."
If you work very hard, you can get the sales associate of the year as well as other awards.

Sales Associate in Newport:
"That some of the people that work there can be abusive."
It will get better.

Sales Associate in New York:
"Great job."
Pros: The people that you work with on a daily basis. You develop an extended family and the best part about working at Victoria's Secret is the amount of tourists you come in contact with. You never have to leave the USA. It's a lot of fun and the day goes by very fast!
Cons: If you want off holidays and you want a job that's 9 to 5 this is not the job for you. It's a demanding job given its role. Expect your feet to hurt expect to have customers be rude. You're dealing with the public. If you can't handle people this is not the job for you.

Sales Associate in Dallas:
"Comfortable & Convenient."
Pros: Great social environment. Great people. Kind management and colleagues.
Cons: High expectations and little support. Stern discipline without comparable incentive.

Sales Associate in Seattle:
"There is little opportunity for advancement."
Room and Board is great place to work If you are satisfied not receiving more money for more responsibility and little incentive. The best thing about this job are the people you work with.