Sales Associate Reviews

Q: What is it like working as a Sales Associate?

Sales Associate in Northampton:
Pros: Friendly customers, when they occasionally happen.
Cons: Treated like garbage by 90% of the customer base. Coworkers also standoffish. Boss micromanages. Hours slashed because I have a disability (and this is an at-will state and too small a business for me to be protected by the EEOC).

Sales Associate in Pearl:
Pros: Talking to employees and customers.
Cons: Difficult customers.

Sales Associate in Clearwater:
"Taken Advantage Of."
Pros: Customer Service, Organization.
Cons: Bad Management, Favortism, No Accountability.

Sales Associate in Los Angeles:
"Interesting, different from other jobs I've had."
Pros: Working with new upcoming restaurants, contractors, design companies.
Cons: Management is too messy, they do not know how to expand.

Sales Associate in Little Rock:
"Mission Work."
Pros: Working in the enviornment makes me feel good. When a customer comes into my strore it is my job to educate and equip invidivials based on their needs. There are manny times a customer is looking to make a purchase which is not based on their needs at the time. I feel as if it is my duty to get them what they need which sometimes means going a cheaper route. The stress level is about what I expect and is not so much so that I come home with problems from the job.
Cons: The amount of hours for part-time workers. Those limited hours are cut during the slow season which puts a financial strain on my house.

Sales Associate in Dammam:
"Much we work as a sales associate we can know about world."
Pros: Customer service to the people.
Cons: The management.

Sales Associate in New York:
Pros: Helping people and swing them smile from the amazing job I've done. Learning something new to help me grow in the company.
Cons: Difficult to get promotions, write ups for getting overtime or being "insubordinate". Inconsistent hourshours; I leave work at 12am and is expected back at 9am, 12pm.