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Top Southern Colleges By Salary Potential

Attending college in the southern US holds many benefits, not the least of which could be a higher salary down the road for some graduates. Find out which southern colleges average high salaries for their alumni.

Annual pay for Bachelors graduates without higher degrees. Typical starting graduates have 3 years of experience; mid-career have 15.5 years. See full methodology for more.

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Top Southern Colleges By Salary Potential - Full List
Southern CollegesStarting Median SalaryMid-Career Median Salary
Rice University$64,000$110,000
Georgetown University$55,000$110,000
Duke University$58,900$106,000
Georgia Institute of Technology$58,300$106,000
Washington and Lee University$53,600$104,000
Vanderbilt University$51,200$104,000
Davidson College$46,100$104,000
University of Virginia (UVA)$52,700$103,000
George Washington University (GWU)$47,000$97,900
Texas A&M University$49,700$96,100
Tulane University$49,100$95,800
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech)$53,500$95,400
University of Maryland, College Park$52,000$95,000
University of Richmond$48,600$94,600
University of Texas (UT) - Austin$49,700$93,900
Emory University$52,000$91,600
American University, Washington D.C.$45,300$90,800
University of Tulsa$42,400$88,700
Baylor University$48,300$88,600
University of Florida (UF)$47,100$87,900
Louisiana State University (LSU)$46,900$87,800
George Mason University$47,800$86,900
Clemson University$48,400$86,000
University of Georgia (UGA)$44,100$86,000
Auburn University$45,400$84,700
University of Delaware$45,900$84,500
Randolph-Macon College$42,600$83,600
North Carolina State University (NCSU)$47,200$83,300
University of Oklahoma$44,700$82,900
University of Arkansas$44,100$82,800
University of Alabama at Huntsville (UAH)$43,100$82,700
Howard University$46,900$81,800
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNCH)$42,900$81,500
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa$41,300$81,400
University of Texas at Arlington (UTA)$45,400$80,800
Oklahoma State University$42,800$80,700
Tennessee Technological University$46,200$80,000
University of Houston (UH)$46,000$79,900
University of Mississippi$41,400$79,700
Lamar University$46,500$79,400
Mississippi State University (MSU)$44,500$79,300
University of Kentucky (UK)$42,800$78,300
Texas Christian University (TCU)$45,100$78,100
West Virginia University (WVU)$43,100$78,100
University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)$47,000$77,800
University of Louisiana (UL) at Lafayette$41,100$76,300
Florida International University (FIU)$43,200$75,500
University of Tennessee$43,800$74,600
University of Arkansas - Monticello (UAM)$39,200$74,500
University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC)$43,100$74,000
Georgia State University$41,800$74,000
LeTourneau University$49,500$73,800
Florida State University (FSU)$42,100$73,000
University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)$43,400$72,100
University of Central Florida (UCF)$42,600$71,700
University of South Carolina$40,000$71,700
Florida Atlantic University (FAU)$42,600$71,100
University of South Florida (USF)$41,100$71,100
University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA)$42,500$70,700
University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)$39,200$70,100
University of Memphis (U of M)$41,400$69,700
Appalachian State University$40,400$69,100
Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)$42,000$68,400
East Carolina University (ECU)$40,200$67,500
Western Carolina University$36,900$66,600
Jacksonville University$46,700$66,200
University of North Carolina at Wilmington (UNCW)$37,500$64,400
Oklahoma City University$40,000$64,300
Arkansas State University (ASU)$38,700$63,300
Tarleton State University (TSU)$40,800$62,400
Morehead State University$34,800$60,600
Mississippi College$35,400$60,400
Dallas Baptist University$39,400$60,200
Austin Peay State University$37,700$59,200
Saint Leo University$40,900$57,800
Tusculum College$36,900$55,500
Virginia Wesleyan College (VWC)$34,600$54,900
Lee University (Cleveland, TN)$34,500$53,900
Florida Metropolitan University (FMU)$36,600$51,000
This chart is based upon PayScale Salary Survey data for Bachelors graduates without higher degrees who are full-time employees in the United States. These results may not represent all attendees of these colleges. Salary is the sum of compensation from base salary, bonuses, profit sharing, commissions, and overtime, if applicable, but does not include equity (stock) compensation. See full methodology for more.