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Top Liberal Arts Colleges By Salary Potential

Any of these colleges could provide a solid liberal arts education, but which of these schools has led its graduates to high-paying careers? Find out with this list of top liberal arts colleges by salary potential, as reported by PayScale.

Annual pay for Bachelors graduates without higher degrees. Typical starting graduates have 3 years of experience; mid-career have 15.5 years. See full methodology for more.

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Top Liberal Arts Colleges By Salary Potential - Full List
Top Liberal Arts CollegesStarting Median SalaryMid-Career Median Salary
Bucknell University$54,100$110,000
Colgate University$52,800$108,000
Amherst College$54,500$107,000
Lafayette College$53,900$107,000
Bowdoin College$48,100$107,000
College of the Holy Cross$50,200$106,000
Occidental College$51,900$105,000
Washington and Lee University$53,600$104,000
Swarthmore College$49,700$104,000
Davidson College$46,100$104,000
Carleton College$47,500$103,000
Williams College$51,700$102,000
Pomona College$48,600$101,000
Wesleyan University (Middletown, Connecticut)$46,500$97,900
Bates College$47,300$96,500
Union College$47,200$95,800
University of Richmond$48,600$94,600
Vassar College$46,000$94,600
Middlebury College$47,700$94,200
Mount Holyoke College$42,400$94,100
Franklin and Marshall College$49,100$92,800
DePauw University$41,400$88,300
St. Olaf College$45,300$86,200
Colby College$46,400$85,800
Gettysburg College$44,700$85,800
Siena College$45,500$85,200
Smith College$44,000$83,900
Hamilton College$49,200$83,700
Randolph-Macon College$42,600$83,600
Wellesley College$42,800$83,500
Denison University$42,000$83,500
Oberlin College$43,400$81,600
University of Puget Sound$46,600$81,500
Colorado College (CC)$38,500$81,400
Reed College$40,500$81,100
Gustavus Adolphus College$44,500$80,600
Whitman College$43,500$80,100
Ursinus College$42,100$80,000
Juniata College$41,800$78,900
Wittenberg University$39,200$78,200
Grinnell College$42,600$76,600
Skidmore College$41,600$74,600
Moravian College$42,500$74,400
Lewis & Clark College$38,900$72,600
Fort Lewis College$42,000$69,800
Thomas Aquinas College$41,500$67,500
Evergreen State College$39,500$63,900
This chart is based upon PayScale Salary Survey data for Bachelors graduates without higher degrees who are full-time employees in the United States. These results may not represent all attendees of these colleges. Salary is the sum of compensation from base salary, bonuses, profit sharing, commissions, and overtime, if applicable, but does not include equity (stock) compensation. See full methodology for more.