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Electrical engineering. International relations. Margarita Mondays? Depending on your interests, you'll focus on a certain types of schools. Before you pick your favorite, review our list of most popular colleges by salary potential. We've divided them up by area of interest so you can quickly predict how your pocketbook will fair long after you've tossed your cap.

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If you want to compare the salaries of grads who attend an engineering school with those from a liberal arts college, use our complete list of all the schools in our study, organized by school type and ranked by starting and mid-career salary.

Best Engineering Colleges
If you're considering a career in engineering, you likely inspect the details of a situation before you take action. Here is a seriously important detail about your choice of college. How much will you make after graduation? Review our list of the best engineering schools ranked by post-graduate salary potential.

Best Ivy League Schools

Graduating from an Ivy League school can set you up for excellent job opportunities and earnings throughout your life. But, before you choose which one you'll attend, use our list of the best Ivy League schools by salary potential to find out which ivy-covered option will carry you the furthest.

Top Liberal Arts Colleges
From poetry to politics, a liberal arts education broadens your mind and prepares you for a variety of careers. Would you like your career to also be high-paying? Use our list of top liberal arts colleges by salary potential, as reported by PayScale users.

Top Party Colleges
Toga! Toga! Toga! Find out if universities with a reputation for party-prone students prepare them for the real world. We dug into the Princeton Review's "Top 20 Party Schools" list to see if party school grads keep the party going after graduation or buckle down and start making the big bucks.

Top State Universities
Most students know you can save money if you stay close to home. But which local school is your most cost-effective choice? Check out our list of top state universities by salary potential before you decide. Median salary numbers are reported by actual graduates from each school.