Top Salary Potential By School Location

type of schoolWhether you're seeking the autumn color of the east coast, the surf out west or the Rocky Mountains in between, we've compiled lists of the top schools in each region by salary potential to help you make the right choice.

Keep in mind that college graduates' earnings depend on their field of study and personal ambition, but some schools tend to generate a higher percentage of graduates with hefty paychecks.

If you've picked your favorite region and now want to maximize your salary potential, take a look at the lists below.

Search All Top Schools by Location
Want to compare the salary potential of grads from top Midwest schools like Notre Dame and Michigan to California schools like Stanford and UC Berkeley? Use our list of all the schools in our study sorted by location - northeast, southern, midwest, western and California - to compare both the starting and mid-career salaries for their grads.

Midwestern Colleges
The snowy winters and glorious springs in America's heartland will forever endear you to your campus years later, but how big will your paycheck be? See which of the Midwestern colleges pays its graduates back in terms of salary potential after graduation. Here's PayScale’s list of top Midwestern colleges in the US by salary potential.

Northeastern Colleges
From the Ivy Leagues to small liberal arts colleges and technical powerhouses, the northeast boasts a long list of respected institutions. While you're almost guaranteed a great education at any of them, which one will grant you the highest salary along with your diploma? See PayScale's line-up of northeast colleges by salary potential.

Southern Colleges
Southern colleges are known for their tremendous school pride, top sports teams and long histories. Once you finish your four years at one of these institutions, where will you be in terms of earning back your tuition? Check out our list of southern colleges by salary potential.

Western Colleges
From the Rockies to the Pacific, the west has plenty of small liberal arts colleges, as well as big name universities to attend. You're certain to get a beautiful setting and lots of outdoor adventures while earning your degree, but once you graduate, which school will set you up best for long-term earnings? See PayScale's list of western colleges by salary potential.

Best Schools in California
You're sure to have fun in the warm California sun, and earn a valuable diploma from one of California's many top schools. But, when you're deciding between Pomona, Cal-Poly and Berkeley, it's good to know which school can get you the degree you want and the best shot at a well-paid job after graduation. Check out PayScale's ranking of California schools by salary potential.