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Most Popular Colleges for Nonprofit Executive Directors

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The world is full of opportunities to make a difference – especially in ways that don't produce a profit. Are you passionate about ending poverty, protecting the environment or curing diseases? Lead an organization that promotes your goal. Find out where nonprofit executive directors attended college. Here's the list of most popular colleges for nonprofit executive directors, as reported by PayScale.

Most Popular Colleges for Nonprofit Executive Directors - Full List
Most Popular Colleges for Nonprofit Executive Directors
Southern Oregon University
Harvard University
Morehouse College
Brown University
Yale University
University of Wyoming (UW)
Stanford University
Duke University
University of San Diego (USD)
Columbia University
University of Alabama
Princeton University
American University, Washington D.C.
University of Montana
University Of Chicago
University of Northern Iowa
Dartmouth College
South Dakota State University (SDSU)
University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC)
Fordham University
Loyola University of Chicago
All graduate data are limited to those with a Bachelor's degree and no higher degrees who work full-time in the United States. Schools are listed in descending order of percentage of total graduates who report having the given job title, where sufficient data are available for the school See full methodology for more.
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