2016-2017 College Salary Report

Want to make a smart decision about college? Let PayScale help you do your homework. Choose the degree and school that will set you up for the career and salary of your dreams. The 2016-2017 PayScale College Salary Report has college rankings for over 1,000 schools by salary potential. Find the best combination of colleges and majors for you to increase your earning potential.

2-Year Colleges

2-Year Colleges

An associate degree can lay the foundation for a successful career in just two years. This year PayScale ranked hundreds of public and private 2-year colleges by their alumni salaries.


1. Fashion Institute of Technology
2. Bakersfield College
3. New York City College of Technology
4. Queensborough Community College
5. Gloucester County College

Best Undergraduate Schools

Undergraduate Schools

Find out how much alumni from nearly 1,000 undergraduate schools earn. Sort by state or school type, and now see what happens when we include alumni who go on to earn graduate degrees.


1. SUNY - Maritime College
2. MIT
3. (tie) Harvey Mudd College
3. (tie) Princeton University
5. Stanford University

Top 5 Graduate Schools

Graduate Schools

Will a graduate degree give you the pay bump you want? PayScale reports the salaries of MBA, JD, master's degree and PhD grads from hundreds of schools across the country.


1. Harvard Business School
2. Harvard Law School
3. Emory University School of Law
4. UCLA - College of Law
5. Columbia University

Majors and Careers

Majors and Careers

Your choice of major can have a big impact on your future salary. Research the earning potential of hundreds of associate, bachelor's and graduate degree majors; which schools produce the highest earners in different subjects; and what career paths different majors can lead to.


1. Petroleum Engineering
2. Systems Engineering
3. (tie) Actuarial Science
3. (tie) Chemical Engineering
5. (tie) Computer Science (CS) & Engineering
5. (tie) Nuclear Engineering

Best College Advice

Best College Advice

Where you go to college affects your future career prospects, but what you in college has the biggest impact. In this article, working professionals share the best #College2Career advice they received, and followed, as students that contributed to their current success.

Degrees That Pay Off

Degrees That Pay Off

Not all diplomas are created equally – so see which lead to lifelong success! This interactive data visualization shows how major choice and degree level affect lifetime earnings. Take a look, and see which educational choices pay off and which ones don't.

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