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College Salary Report 2014 » Best Schools by Type
Best Schools by Type
The type of school you choose can impact the career you have. See the best schools for your career goals.
This list of the best-ranked party schools shows that it's not all TOGA, TOGA, TOGA all the time.
sober schools
For those who prefer libraries to libations and research to raves, the schools on this list are for you.
Your future begins here. See the best engineering schools ranked by salary potential.
Ivy League schools have a reputation for serious salaries after graduation. See the full list ranked by salary potential.
Think a liberal arts education means a low paycheck? Think again! See the list of liberal arts schools that pay.
A top-rate education doesn’t have to break the bank. Check out the best state schools for your future salary.
If research is your jam, these universities will feel like home.
Do you long for the prestige of private school? Compare your choices and make an informed decision.
Do sports and mascots rank high on your list of collegiate must-haves? If so, compare these schools and see who reigns supreme when it comes to post-graduation salary.
Check out our list of Art & Design schools and see how creativity can pay dividends in your future.
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