2014—2015 PAYSCALE
Alumni Earnings Comparison: Bachelor's Only Grads vs. All Grads
Every year when we put out the PayScale College Salary Report, which examines alumni earnings by school, we get asked why we limit the data to graduates with a bachelor's degree and no higher degrees. Our reasoning is that if you include all graduates with a bachelor's degree -- those who stop at a four-year degree and those that continue on to earn a higher degree as well -- it's difficult to discern whether the undergraduate education or graduate education contributed most to earning potential. However, schools that have a large percentage of students who attend graduate school do have a point. The data we've been able to present is limited to a subset of their students. If you know you plan to attend graduate school, looking at salary potential for all grads is more useful when making a choice about where to earn your undergrad degree. So, this year we've produced two lists looking at alumni salaries by school -- one limited to alumni with only a bachelor's degree and one that includes all graduates. How do the numbers differ? Take a look.
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