4 Reasons to Ditch Set Working Hours

The idea of the 9-to-5 workday is one so pervasive in modern business that it’s tough to imagine life without it. In a new article for Inc., Ciplex founder Ilya Pozin writes that it’s time to ditch set working hours for good in favor of a more flexible structure. Read on for four of his arguments.

  1. Set working hours cannibalize productivity. The fact that you’re sitting at your desk doesn’t mean you’re productively working. Instead, managers should tie employees’ success to goals met rather than hours spent at the office.
  2. Set working hours inhibit autonomy. “Employees should have full autonomy to meet their goals however they want — put the onus on them to determine the best process,” Pozin writes. “That way, they’re more likely to ‘own’ their work and be passionate about being the best they can be.”
  3. Set working hours are a distraction. Employees shouldn’t think of the workday as a time quota to meet — that sets up a situation in which they could walk out the door for the day while working on a big project. Managers should create an environment wherein employees feel empowered to determine how long it will take to complete a goal — and then stay at the office until they’ve done so.
  4. Set working hours inhibit teamwork. Managers should let employees determine the best way to collaborate, whether that means they set up “core hours” to work together or frequent shorter meetings.

What do you think of Pozin’s rationale to ditch strict employee hours?

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