Valentine Ideas: Salary Survey

As Valentine’s Day approaches, love and other unrealistic expectations fill the air, but what about romantic sweet talk of salaries, or at least a salary survey? There is a huge cottage industry out there dealing in love, or the promise of it. There are numerous dating web sites, dating experts (one is featured in Salary Stories) and professional matchmakers. They are quite different from the one you may recall in Fiddler on the Roof. These pros are armed with computer databases and PR campaigns.

A high-end matchmaker is almost like a human resources recruiter. He or she will interview clients, screen potential partners and arrange several interviews, err, introductions, and may even do a salary survey of possible wealthy mates, like this list from  According to, a matchmaker’s salary range depends on the fees, which reportedly can range from $3K to $30K per year, or even $50K for a media campaign in multiple cities to find "the one." Employees of matchmaking firms may earn six-figures, if their annual salary is combined with commission.

How is your relationship with your salary?  Is the magic still there?  Find out with our salary survey.

What is the salary of a floral designer?

The Beatles once sang, “All You Need is Love,” but florists and floral designers also come in quite handy regarding matters of the heart. Whether wooing a new flame, or trying to extinguish a fiery argument with a current one, flowers can work magic! Giving the right roses to the right gal on the right day can ensure absolute bliss in a relationship… at least for 24 hours. What is the salary for these magic makers who toil away in florist jobs?

A florist in New York, with 5-9 years of experience, earns an average hourly wage of $11.10, with a potential high of $12.75. Hmm, that doesn’t exactly encourage one to jump into a retail florist career. What about the folks who actually design the bouquets? What is the salary of a floral designer? Illinois floral designer wages, for someone with 5-9 years of experience, average out at $12.50 an hour, with a potential hourly wage of $14.95. At least those guys never forget to give roses on V-Day (or do they?).

Salaries for Psychologists vs. A Pharmacist Salary

Let’s say a man forgets to pick up roses from the florist on Valentine’s Day. That unforgivable sin may land him in couples’ therapy. The florist’s loss is clearly the psychologist’s gain. A Florida-based psychologist, with 10-19 years of experience, earns an average annual salary of $67,800, with a high-end of $93,700; not bad for listening to Valentine’s Day tale of woe; and there may be quite a bit of woe out there to listen to.

According to the Greeting Card Association, 85% of all valentine cards are bought by women. That’s a disturbing number on both sides. Does that mean most women are buying cards for themselves? Assuming heterosexual relationships, does this mean five times as many men like getting Valentine’s cards then women? Hum…

That’s enough to send you to the pharmacy seeking an anti-depressant on February 14th. Let’s say you lived in the Buckeye State, the folks dispensing your medication – clinical pharmacists in Ohio – would earn an average salary of $92,800 to fill your prescription on Valentine’s Day; nothing says "I love you," like Prozac.

A Heavenly Average Salary

However, if you remember to buy your honey some roses, chocolate or even a day at the spa; then you might be headed for the altar, much like in St. Valentine’s Day. Yes, there was an actual St. Valentine, and he was quite a rabble-rouser. He disobeyed all the decrees that forbid marriage for young lovers, and performed the marriages anyways. For this selfless act, he was put to death and became a martyr on February 14th (269 A.D.). You thought you had a rough Valentine’s Day!

Thankfully, these days, pastors will not be put to death for marrying folks (unless the ceremony is a real disaster!). At the larger churches, these modern day men and women of the cloth are rewarded with a good salary and possibly an extra fee for weddings. A senior pastor in Virginia, with 10-19 years of experience, earns an average salary of $62,200, but some are pulling down over $90,000. Get me to the church on time!

Along with all of these salary statistics, let’s not forget romance. Remember that old adage on Valentine’s Day: If a woman sees a robin, she will marry a sailor. If she sees a sparrow, she’ll wed a poor man. If she spies a goldfinch, she will be betrothed to a millionaire; so keep your eyes open for that goldfinch!

Are you and your salary a good match? Find out with our salary calculator.


Dr. Al Lee