GetHired Lets Companies Pre-Screen Applicants With Video

GetHired is an innovative hiring platform that enables managers to ask prospective job candidates to complete pre-screening questions via video. Such questions enable companies to instantly identify the best applicants to invite in for phone or face-to-face interviews. Can this hiring solution solve businesses’ recruiting conundrum?

Fast Company interviewed GetHired founder Suki Shah on the methodology behind the platform. “It’s a complete hiring solution for businesses,” he explained. “We allow you not only to post jobs but to ask very specific pre-interview questions. You can ask them to answer brain teasers, or to answer questions via audio and video. Then you can quickly distill which candidates are best for the job. To do that through our platform only costs $25. On CareerBuilder, to post one job costs $417. The whole idea is to focus and provide this as a solution for small businesses.”

Shah notes that the most suitable jobs for GetHired include customer-facing or client-facing jobs such as sales positions. Some of the more unusual questions businesses have asked applicants to answer include, “If you were an insect, which insect would you be, and why?” and “Do you believe in aliens? Why or why not?”

See a promotional video for the service below. Would you ever use a tool like GetHired?

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