Google Maps Coordinate Facilitates Mobile Workforce Management

Google Maps Coordinate, the latest addition to the Maps app, was designed to enable managers to keep track of their mobile workers by visualizing their location on a map. Leaders can use the service to create jobs, while employees can claim new assignments, check in at job sites and update the status of jobs in progress. Users can mark themselves as “invisible” during breaks or other periods of unavailability, and there’s also a time-centric system that logs users out at the end of their scheduled shift.

This service won’t be essential for every business, but it can certainly help many. Consider, for example, how Google Maps Coordinate could streamline the workflows in a taxi company, a restaurant offers delivery or a cable television company.

TechCrunch notes that Google Maps Coordinate will be available for an introductory price of $15 per user per month. That figure may go up on Sept. 1. Do you think this service will revolutionize how companies manage mobile teams?

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(Photo credit: Google Maps)