Grab a Geek or Fall Behind, Tech Employers

Everyone recognizes highly successful companies like Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft, and many use their products. But, do you know how they compare as employers? Each company is vying for the brightest minds in the tech industry. PayScale takes a look at what each one offers potential employees.

From job satisfaction and typical weeks of vacation, PayScale's Tech Employers Compared report and "Battle Over the Geeks" infographic give you the scoop on which company may have the best shot at bringing in the braniacs.

You've likely heard that Google pays well, but did you know that does, too? What about the fact that eBay and LinkedIn have a higher proportion of women working on their products than typical tech employers, whereas Microsoft and Yahoo! employ almost 80 percent male workers.

Hungry for more fun facts about who's ahead or behind in the battle for the geeks? Be sure to check out the full Top Tech Employers Compared report, as well as the "Battle Over the Geeks" infographic. For now, here are some highlights from the report.

Fully engaged – 100% of LinkedIn employees report feeling extremely or fairly satisfied in their work.

Hot at the start – Nvidia and Microsoft offer the highest starting salaries, with median, annual salaries of $99,400 and $91,500, respectively, for workers with 0-5 years of experience.

Lucrative long-term – Google dominates pay over the long-term, with median pay for workers with 10+ years of experience at $158,000 per year.

Newbies vs. wise ones – The typical age of a tech industry employee is 33. Facebook boasts some of the youngest, at 26, on average. HP employees are on the other end of the spectrum, at 39 years of age, on average.

Stressed out or chilled out – Workers at Monster, Samsung and Salesforce most commonly report feeling extremely or fairly high stress on the job. Nokia, Yahoo and Google workers are the least likely to describe themselves as extremely or fairly stressed.

Facebook in paradise – Facebook employees report the highest amount of vacation among the leading tech companies, at 3.6 weeks per year. Apple employees report the least, on average, at 2.1 weeks per year.

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