Best Community Colleges in Kansas by Salary Potential

Compare how graduates from five of Kansas' top two-year colleges compare when ranked by alumni salary. [Read More]

When thinking about which associate degree to pursue, one consideration is which of the 17 career colleges in Kansas have the highest-paid graduates. Payscale presents data on several of the public Kansas community colleges by graduate salary, enabling those seeking degrees in the Sunflower State to make informed decisions about earning potential. In Kansas, the top industries for jobs include agriculture, aerospace, aircraft production and maintenance, and transportation equipment.

Of these colleges, Johnson County Community College is by far the largest, with about 20,000 students. All other Kansas two-year colleges on our list have many fewer enrolled undergraduates. One other interesting factor to note is that Colby and Kansas City Kansas Community College have a majority of female students (about 60 percent), while the other two colleges have a more even split between male and female students.

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