Best Community & Career Colleges in Virginia by Salary Potential

Want to further your education but not worry about student loan payments? Check out Virginia's best two-year colleges by graduate salary. [Read More]

Two of the best colleges in Virginia when it comes to healthcare, both Tidewater Community College and Northern Virginia Community College are well known for their nursing programs, and medical fields offer some of the best job opportunities in the state. The goal of this report is provide you with valuable data on what colleges will provide you not only with a solid academic return on your degree, but also help you to meet your post-grad financial goals.

John Tyler Community College is the smallest two-year school, with about 10,000 students. They are also tied with Northern Virginia for highest early-career salary. Northern Virginia Community College's 50,000 students make their school nearly five times as large.

The first peanuts grown in the country were grown in Virginia, and the food industry is still one of the main industries. Energy, IT and automotive industries are also important to the state. Birthplace to eight presidents, and the site of the first successful English colony, politics and government have always played an important role in the state. Many Virginia graduates find employment with the United States government the employer for around one fourth of the state.

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