Can’t-Miss Session at #Compference17: The Future Role of a Compensation Professional

Are you as excited for #Compference17 as we are? If you’d say you’re very — like, wow, very — excited, then maybe. There’s a lot to be pumped up about! The agenda is jam-packed with goodness: keynotes, sessions, panel discussions, networking opportunities … not to mention, we’ll be in always-fun Austin, Texas! Sign. us. up.

Wait, we’re already signed up. You probably are too. If not, what are you waiting for? Register here!

One session that we’ve heard folks are particularly eager to attend is the “The Future Role of a Compensation Professional” panel discussion (October 4th, 3:00pm – 3:35pm). It’s easy to understand why. First let’s talk about this panel lineup. Speakers include:

Carla Williams, SHRM – SCP
VP of HR, Training & Organizational Development

Bob Shade
Sr. Compensation Manager

Emily Jensen
VP Customer Success
PayScale, Inc.


Yep. Ready to listen. But even if the speakers weren’t great, the topic is obviously top-of-mind for many attendees. As software gets “smarter” and bots allow us to automate our most mind-numbing tasks, many comp pros are beginning to think about how their jobs might evolve over the coming years.

That’s what this discussion is all about. Panel members will share their insights and predictions on questions like:

  • What changes have you noticed in the comp industry?
  • How would you define the value of the function/role of comp in your org today? How is it evolving?
  • Where do you think the role of the comp pro will be in 3 years? In 5 years?
  • What strengths and skills will comp pros need to be successful in the future state of comp?

And more! Join us in this sure-to-be-great session and learn how to lean into the disruption. Mark your calendar, grab your ticket if you need to and we’ll see ya there!

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Image: Kevin Curtis/Unsplash