Payscale Connect launches


Payscale Connect is an online compensation community ​available exclusively to Payscale customers. It’s a place where they can ask questions, share ideas, and learn about best practices to get the most out of their compensation strategies.  

With the new year, we’re thrilled to announce that there is a new and improved version of Payscale Connect now available! As the Payscale “town square,” Connect offers a way for customers to engage directly with other compensation professionals. It’s also the point of access for learning about opportunities, events, and discussions that will help HR and comp pros understand how to use their Payscale products to respond to the waves of change in the compensation industry.

We spoke with Shane Davis, Connect’s community manager, to hear about what’s new in Connect and to find out how customers can make the most of their experience.  

What’s new in this updated version of the Payscale Connect customer community? 

Our team is excited about the new and improved Payscale Connect. We’ve been working on it for months and are thrilled to provide this important connection point for our customers and the industry. It truly represents a “remote-first” approach to networking and has the potential to expand customers’ professional connections to include pros from around the world. This version features a new look and feel as well as improved customer engagement tools. When customers log in, they’ll notice that Payscale Connect is organized around learning tools, a robust discussion forum, and events.

In the community, customers will now find: 

  • My Dashboard — View all your learning accomplishments, connection points with other Payscale users, and open support tickets from a single mission control.  
  • Discussion Forums — Connect directly to thousands of Payscale users who are working to solve the same challenges you are.  
  • Product Feature Requests — Contribute to the future direction of Payscale product development by submitting your feature requests directly to our product team.  
  • Academy — Access structured training paths to improve how you respond to specific challenges with your Payscale product(s) 
  • Knowledge Base — Access quick tutorials and user guides made specifically with your product in mind.  
  • Events — Attend dedicated training sessions to improve your product knowledge.  

What are the benefits of Connect? 

I’ve been managing online product communities for about five years. I have to say that they’re really similar to social media communities but even better. The power of Payscale’s online community is that it’s a place designed and reserved for compensation and HR pros. It’s a dedicated space where our customers can connect, share insights, learn, and engage with other professionals in the industry. For those folks who are looking for a little compensation humor or a brain break, we even have a place in the community dedicated to Comp & HR Fun! 

How can people get the most out of Connect? 

Connect is truly a central location and one-stop shop for all the Payscale tools and resources that customers need. Within the platform, they have access to our Academy, our  knowledge base of help articles, events, and even support tickets. 

It may sound obvious, but my advice is to put yourself out there and get involved. Ask a question. Answer a question. Consult the Academy to find a course for your professional development. As is true with most things, the more people engage, the more they’ll get back in return.

If someone only has 15 minutes to check Connect, where should they start?

Start by reviewing the featured content in the carousel at the top of the homepage. That will show all of our most recent updates. Additionally, I recommend people take a few moments to check out the “post of the day” on Connect. It’s a quick and easy way to get started in the discussion forums. 

Other items to watch for include the new “Ask Me Anything” events, which will feature Payscale leadership and subject-matter experts who will answer questions live.

How do customers log in? 

Payscale customers can access Connect here 

Let’s keep the conversation going — head over to Connect and introduce yourself in the self-introduction discussion thread! 

How can someone find out more about Payscale Connect? 

If you’re not a customer, find more information here.