Nestle Case Study: Making Data Work For Pay Equity Analysis


Nestle Case Study

Do you have the data you need to conduct an accurate pay equity analysis?

PayScale’s software enabled Nestle to achieve their pay equity goals by providing fresh and accurate data, paired with easy to use dashboards and reports for reporting to leadership.

“Nestle made a commitment in 2018 to make gender and pay separate. We are going to be a pay neutral company. As part of that we have done tons and tons of analysis on pay and how gender is affecting pay. Knowing that that’s an every year commitment we have made, we have to make sure that we have a tool that is easily refreshable to look at the analytics behind how gender is impacting pay.” – Chris Lacey, Compensation Consultant, Nestle USA

Learn more about how PayScale helped Nestle achieve their global commitment to separate gender and pay, and what we could do for you.