2021 Compensation Best Practices: Navigating Compensation in a Changing World

Webinar Recording


The transformative shifts taking place in business are bigger than the COVID-19 pandemic. A changing economy, the rise of remote work, calls for diversity, equity and inclusion, new laws around pay transparency, and the expectations that workers have for employment opportunities are all reshaping people strategy, which includes compensation. The impact of 2020 on the employee experience is creating waves that will result in a sea change over time.

Join Amy Stewart, author of the 2021 Compensation Best Practices Report and PayScale’s HR team: Shelly Holt, CPO; Lexi Clarke, Director of HR; and Kate Reichert, Sr. Compensation Analyst as they share insights from the report.

HR and Compensation professionals of all levels will want to tune in to hear what the research findings means for compensation management this year from an HR executive, talent management, and compensation management lens.