Employee Experience: A Quick Tour of the New Human Resources

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Employee Experience: A Quick Tour of the New Human Resources
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This webinar was originally published by Workforce Spotlight Webinars, and brought to you by PayScale.

The term “Employee Experience” has become popular in recent years and several high-profile organizations rebranded their human resources and employee benefits departments to employee experience. Consequently, many HR and benefits professionals are changing their titles and adding an employee experience skill set to their functions and résumés. But what exactly is employee experience and how does it differ from traditional human resources? Join expert Nate Randall, founder and president of Ursa Major Consulting, as he shines a light on distinguishing characteristics of employee experience and how it can produce real value when implemented thoughtfully.

During this webcast, you will:

  • Learn what leading companies are doing to reimagine the human resources function
  • Discover how meaningful an employee experience approach can be
  • Understand commonly encountered roadblocks when transitioning