How Organizations Can Make Pay Transparency Manageable

Webinar Recording


Most organizations desire to be more transparent about pay practices but are unsure where to start. Determining where on the pay transparency spectrum your company currently sits, if at all, and what the right level of transparency is best for the business are key considerations to make.

A common misconception is that pay transparency means revealing all employee salaries to everyone, something many organizations are not comfortable doing. Additionally, a common roadblock is the absence of a foundational pay practice in place to be able to support transparency practices around compensation.

Committing to being more transparent about pay practices results in increased employee engagement and retention, and PayScale experts can help you understand what it means to be transparent about pay and what to be transparent about.

Hear from PayScale’s Lexi Clarke, Director of HR, and Brooke Grimes, Sr. Product Marketing Manager as they share practical ways any organization can start (or restart) pay transparency initiatives with real-world examples of these practices in action.