Delight your candidates while transparently communicating offer details

Visual Offer Letters provide a cutting-edge offer experience that will delight your candidates while clearly communicating their compensation details.You can build trust with candidates from the very beginning, allowing you to recruit top talent and improve your offer acceptance rates.

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The offer stage is a crucial part of your recruitment process. Make it count.

There is nothing worse than getting to the end of a lengthy recruitment process and being excited about a candidate only to have them turn down your offer. When it comes to this make or break decision, Visual Offer Letters will delight and inspire your candidates while providing them with thorough insight into the total value of their offer.

  • Delight your candidates with a unique and interactive offer experience that will set your organization apart
  • Clearly communicate total value of your offers by providing comprehensive compensation, equity, and benefit details
  • Provide potential future earnings information with interactive equity forecasting
  • Proactively answer candidate questions about offer details, compensation philosophy, your organization, and more with FAQs
  • Synchronize your offer data into one source of truth with 20+ integrations that support seamless data flow
  • Understand how your offers are performing via an analytics dashboard and allow candidates to express intent to accept prior to signing their legal offer letter

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It’s time to revolutionize your offer experience

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How Visual Offer Letters make a difference

Delight your candidates and improve offer acceptance rates

‘WOW’ your candidates with a unique offer portal that will set your organization apart, highlight your brand and culture, and help you recruit top talent.

Transparently communicate total offer value

Clearly communicate the total value of your offers by providing in-depth pay, equity, and benefit details while proactively answering candidate questions about potential future earnings and more.

Do more with less by streamlining offer creation

Synchronize all your offer data into one platform and collaborate with key stakeholders around final offer details.

We sent our first offer to a candidate for a leadership role we were really excited about. I’m happy to report they not only accepted, but specifically called out how much they loved the format of the offer!”

– Turquoise Health, Visual Offer Letters Customer

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